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Casino Style Play

  1. Missouri Poker Club will conduct all games in a manner that meets the highest standards of fairness to its patrons. It is with this in mind that Missouri Poker Club has incorporated certain rules for Poker games that are offered to the public.
  2. Management and hosts reserve the right to make decisions that are in the best interest of the game, even though technical interpretation of the rules would dictate a contrary decision.
  3. Missouri Poker Club is not responsible for the conduct of any player, but retains the right to refuse play to any player. Missouri Poker Club will have zero tolerance for any player who berates another player at a table.
  4. By taking a seat in a Poker game, players agree that management has the final word on who may play and the manner in which play is conducted.
  5. When players are seated in a Poker game they must ante or post blinds as per the type of game being played. If a player is dealt in by dealer error, then the hand will be declared a misdeal.
  6. Cards must be kept on or above the table surface in plain view. Cards may not be removed from the edge of the table surface.
  7. It is each player’s responsibility to protect his/her own hand and right to action.
  8. If you toss your cards and they hit the muck, flop, board, or if another player's card touch your cards, then your cards are immediately declared dead. It is the player’s responsibility to have their cards guarded at all times during play.
  9. All losing hands will be mucked before the pot is awarded.
  10. The winning hand will remain face up until after the pot has been awarded.
  11. A misdeal may be ruled for circumstances not covered here. The following will be ruled misdeals: a. The deal is out of position and it is discovered prior to the Flop being turned; b. The first card dealt to the blind positions is exposed; c. If two (2) or more down cards are exposed due to dealer error; d. If two (2) or more boxed cards appear when the starting hands are dealt (if it is discovered that there are boxed cards in the stub after the completion of the deal, the action continues).
  12. Once a new hand has begun, no decision can be rendered in regard to the previous hand.
  13. No one else may play another players’ chips.
  14. No one else may play another person's hand, not even the tournament director or host.
  15. No “rabbit hunting” is permitted. Players and dealers are not allowed to look through the discard pile.
  16. Cards speak. A winning hand must show all cards face up on the table. The player instituting the first action (checking or betting) must turn their hand over first. The host will assist to the best of their ability in the reading of hands although it is each player’s responsibility to protect their own hand at all times.
  17. A player miscalling a hand with the intent to cause another player to act on their hand risks forfeiture of the pot and/or expulsion from the current game.
  18. At the request of other players at the table, non-players may be asked not to stand or sit at the table.
  19. No beverage containers, food, books, etc., are allowed on the Poker table.
  20. The splitting of pots among players is not allowed. All hands must be played to completion. Unless head to head and both parties agree before the flop is exposed.
  21. Show one, show all. If any player shows his/her cards to another player at the table, all other players at the table then have the right to see them upon request.
  22. All raises must be at least equal to the size of the last bet, except in “all-in” situations. With an all-in bet you can re-raise your original bet as long as the all-in was at least 150% of the original bet.
  23. Players must act in turn. A knock on the table constitutes a pass. To eliminate the possibility of forfeiture, a player must call “time.” Failure to stop the play prior to substantial action occurring may result in the right to act.
  24. Players who place a single chip into the betting perimeter that is larger than the bet to them are considered to be calling the bet unless they announce “raise.”
  25. String raises are not allowed. A player must either put out the full amount of the bet and raise at once or announce “raise.”
  26. Verbal statements in turn are binding.
  27. If a player acts out of turn and their bet or raise influences action, that bet or raise must stay in the pot.
  28. Missouri Poker Club offers free poker to all players interested in playing Texas Hold-em. Any and all players that patronize the locations that we play at will be eligible for monthly prizes.
  29. A card found face up in the deck (boxed card) is treated accordingly. A card found face up is considered a piece of paper and the next card in the deck is used. If a second boxed card appears after the flop, bets are returned and the hand is considered a misdeal. There is no re-shuffling of the deck at anytime. Once you re-shuffle the deck it will be considered a misdeal.
  30. If an irregular card(s) (cards of the same rank, cards of a different back color, etc.) appear during the course of a hand, all hands are dead and all action is void. If an irregular card(s) is discovered in the stub, all action for that hand and the previous hands stands.
  31. Any card dealt by the dealer that falls off the table will be declared dead and will become the first burn card. In the case of two (2) or more cards being dealt off the table, the hand will be declared a misdeal. If the player knocks the card over while the dealer is dealing, the card will stay in play.
  32. If a player drops a card off the table or exposes a card in their own hand, play will continue as normal to hands completion. If the player knocks over his card when the dealer is dealing, the card will stay in play.
  33. If you are dealt more than two cards and you declare it before betting starts, the hand is considered a misdeal. If betting has begun before you declare, your hand is to be mucked. If you look at another player’s hand, your hand is to be mucked.
  34. If the flop or any part of the flop is exposed before betting begins, the burn card stays in place, the exposed cards are put back into the deck and reshuffled. Play resumes.
  35. If the flop or any part if the flop is exposed before betting is completed, bets stay, exposed cards are put back in deck and reshuffled. Betting resumes and play continues.
  36. If the turn card is exposed before betting is completed, the turn card is set aside. Betting is resumed. After all bets are done, the last burn card is burned and the river card becomes the turn card. Betting is resumed. The exposed turn card is put back in the deck. Deck is reshuffled and the top card is turned over for the river card.
  37. If the river card is exposed before betting is completed, the card is put back into the deck and reshuffled. Betting resumes and the top card becomes the river card upon completion of betting.
  38. If a player intentionally shows their hand or any part of their hand to influence the action of another player, the cards are mucked and any bet is left in the pot. If a player accidentally shows their hand before betting is completed, their hand is still live and betting may continue. If a player feels they were mislead into showing their hand by the actions of another player, the host will make the final decision.
  39. If the small or big blind is taken out of the game, the dealer button is dead and the player to the right of the button will deal.
  40. All tables will have the same amount of players not to exceed one extra player at any live table.
  41. If you are not seated at the table when the hand is dealt, your cards are mucked. There will be no waiting for a player to return to the table to see their hand. Once everyone seated has received their cards, if you are not present your cards are mucked.
  42. If you have consumed so much alcohol that your motor functions are impaired enough that you are unable to deal, you will not be able to play and your chips will be pulled for that day. This will be the decision of the host and not your decision. With enough alcohol consumed we are sure that you will still believe that you are able to play, even if your actions say otherwise.
  43. Cell phones may not be used while seated at a Poker table while you are playing a hand or dealing. This slows up the game.
  44. No one may start at any regular poker session with over 11,000 in chips.
  45. The working host will make all decisions. If you feel the host is wrong with his/her decision, the decision will stand until the Manager of Missouri Poker Club can be consulted.
  46. One player to a hand. No one else may influence the decision of another player by talking about their hand during the course of the hand.
  47. Rules are subject to change as Missouri Poker Club sees fit. Any changes or modifications to these rules will be conspicuously posted.

We are not professional poker players. So if someone plays what you consider to be bad cards and beats you, live with it. I have seen the same thing in Vegas at the WSOP in a tournament that we paid $1000 to get into and had professional poker players at the table. I have seen the same thing at a cash game in a casino. It is part of the game and it will happen no matter where you play or who you play with.

If you want to play with us, check your attitude at the door and realize there are going to be nights you win and there are going to be nights that you can’t win no matter what cards you get. It is called poker and that is the way the game is. We want you to have a good time and make some friends. I have met a lot of great people through our club and hope to make many more friends as time goes by.

Please be considerate of your fellow players. Even though we do play at business’s that serve alcohol, if you have consumed too much inebriating substance before the game or during the game, please do not get offended if you are asked to sit out of a session. You may be having a good time or at least think that you are. The other players at the table are probably not enjoying it though. When you have consumed enough spirits that you are holding up play, unable to shuffle cards or just being a bit obnoxious, you will be asked to sit out.

We are trying to make the Missouri Poker Club a fun place to play poker at and have a good time with friends. If your idea of a good time is consuming enough fermented liquid that you are unable to play poker in a reasonable state of mind, please do it at the bar at not at our tables.

If you have any suggestions or other questions you would like to see answered here, please let me know. Most of our ideas that we use in the club have come from our players. I appreciate your input and it helps to make our club more successful and more enjoyable for you. Looking forward to seeing you at the tables.

I want you to be able to come out and enjoy yourself and look forward to seeing your friends for an evening of fun.

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