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Missouri Poker Club Defined

You never have to pay anything to play in a session or tournament with the Missouri Poker Club. We are an entertainment company that puts on poker tournaments every day of the week. We do hope that you will support the establishments that have been gracious enough to let us host our sessions for you to come and play.

We hope to bring enough players out at each session so that it is profitable for the establishment to have us there. That is why we ask you to support the establishment were we are playing by having dinner if you can or getting something to drink. It is not a requirement that you do, we just hope that you will. We hope that you enjoy playing with the club to keep coming out and that the establishments that we play at will gain extra clientele from our players coming back.

Each session that you play in you receive points. We have a qualification tournament every Sunday at Noon, where you can use those points for chips to help you build your starting chip stack.

Points System

You earn 100 points every time you play.

The final 9 players every night earn extra points based on where they finish.

No Placement
Bring a New Player

Everyone starts with a minimum chip stack of 4000 chips for the Sunday Noon Tournament.

Points are accumulated from Friday to Friday for the previous two weeks before the Sunday tournaments and are posted on our points list.

Your weekly points equal your additional chip count above your core stack for the Sunday tournament.

The top three players for the month qualify for a prize.

Example: if you collect 1500 points during the course of the week, you will have earn 1500 in chips above the core stack for the for the Sunday Noon tournament.

Each session that you play in you receive points. We have a qualification tournament every Sunday at Noon, where you can use those points for chips to help you build your starting chip stack.

Regular Games

You will start with 4000 in chips. It is possible to get more chips by supporting the club.

On some regular sessions, we give away small amounts of cash from time to time to say thank you to the players that keep coming out and making the club a success.

If you buy any food or beverage at the venue where we host our tournaments, save the receipt. See the tournament director or host to trade that receipt for a chip voucher.

Additionally, if you have the following, you will get extra chips. You max out at 11,000 chips, i.e. you may not start a tournament with more than 11,000 chips. See our merchandise page for information regarding the purchase of the following items.

Extra Chips

1000 extra
MPC Business Card
1000 extra
1000 extra
MPC Plastic card guard
2000 extra
MPC Metal card guard
1000 extra
MPC T-Shirt
1000 extra
2000 extra
Out of Town
Written value extra
Chip Voucher

No Limit Blinds (Hold'Em and Omaha)

Level Time Small Big
1 0:00-0:15 100 100
2 0:15-0:30 100 200
3 0:30-0:45 200 400
4 0:45-1:00 300 600
1st Color Up Remove 100
5 1:00-1:15 500 1000
2nd Color Up Remove 500
6 1:15-1:30 1000 2000
7 1:30-1:45 2000 4000
8 1:45-2:00 3000 6000
3rd Color Up Remove 1000
9 2:00-2:15 5000 10000
10 2:15-2:30 10000 20000
11 2:30-2:45 15000 30000
12 2:45-3:00 20000 40000
13 3:00-3:15 25000 50000
4rd Color Up Remove 5000
14 3:15-3:30 30000 60000
5rd Color Up Remove 10000
15 3:30-3:45 50000 100000
16 3:45-4:00 100000 200000

Limit Blinds (Razz and Stud)

Level Time Ante Bring In Complete Bet
1 0:00 5 10 30 30-60
2 0:15 10 15 50 50-100
3 0:30 15 25 75 75-150
4 0:45 20 30 100 100-200
1st Color Up Race off $5 Chips
5 1:00 25 50 150 150-300
6 1:15 25 75 200 200-400
7 1:30 50 100 300 300-600
8 1:45 75 150 500 500-1K
2nd Color Up Race off $25 Chips
9 2:00 100 200 800 800-1600
10 2:15 200 300 1K 1K-2K
11 2:30 300 500 1500 1500-3K
12 2:45 400 500 2K 2K-4K
3rd Color Up Race off $100 Chips
13 3:00 500 1K 3K 3K-6K
14 3:15 1K 1500 5K 5K-10K
15 3:30 1500 2500 7500 7500-15K
16 3:45 2K 3K 10K 10K-20K
4th Color Up Race off $500 Chips
17 4:00 3K 5K 15K 15K-30K
18 4:15 4K 5K 20K 20K-40K

HORSE Tournaments

We play Hold'em every day. We also run specialty games on certain days. You can choose to play either Hold'Em or the specialty game.

Monday Evening
Wednesday Evening
Seven Card Stud
Friday Evening
Card Stud Hi Low 8-or-better
Saturday Day
Bounty Day

As you play in the HORSE games each week, a letter representing that game will go next to your name on the Points List. If a player has spelled HORSE, they qualify to play in HORSE tournaments.

Bounty Tournaments

Saturday is Bounty day all day long. Every player receives a random bounty chip in value from 100 points to 1000 points. Take out your fellow players and receive their bounty chip to have that value added to your point total.

White Chip
Green Chip
Blue Chip
Red Chip

Here is a hint that a lot of players use. Saturday is our Bounty day all day long and a chance to earn some serious points. A lot of players will use their extra Golden Tickets at chip up on a Saturday session to help them get an advantage and a chance to earn some bounty points.

Second Chance

If you become felted and want a second chance to get back into the game, you must exercise your option for a second chance by the end of the current blind (during which you have become felted). In the interest of fairness to the other players, you may not wait multiple blinds to exercise your option for a second chance.

If you get a second chance you may use a chip voucher to max out the second chance for 11,000 in chips. This does not apply to any cash prize or charity tournaments.

Example: Second chance for 7,000 in chips plus a chip voucher for 4,000 in chips for the maximum of 11,000 in chips.

Golden Tickets

Winner (1st place) of any regular game will receive a Golden Ticket that is good for a Second Chance (10,000 in chips) in the qualifying tournaments on Sunday’s at 12:00 or an extra 3500 in chips at chip up. If you get a bad beat you still get a second chance to play out the tournament. You may not use a Golden Ticket for a second chance during any regular game.

If you have more than one Golden Ticket or you don’t get taken out before chip up, you may use up to five Golden Tickets on a Sunday at chip up in the 12:00 tournament or up to two Golden Tickets during the week at chip up in a regular session.

You must have at least 100 in chips in order to use a Golden Ticket for extra chips. This is a way to reward the players that have come out during the week to play and have played well enough to win a session here and there.

Golden Tickets never expire. So if you win one or two or three and are unable to use them the next Sunday, they are good for any Sunday.

Golden Tickets are non-transferrable. Transferring a ticket to another player will result in expulsion from Missouri Poker Club.

Late Penalties

In the interest of running our tournaments as close as possible to casino rules, the following late penalties are in effect.

A stack will not be set for you until you arrive. Do not call ahead, you will not be blinded out.

If you are up to 15 minutes late (in the first blind), there are no late penalties.

If you are between 15-30 minutes late (in the second blind), your maximum starting stack is 8000 chips (4000 extra).

If you are between 30-45 minutes late (in the third blind), your maximum starting stack is 6000 chips (2000 extra).

If you are 45 minutes late (past the third blind), you will not be allowed to play for that session.

Sunday Tournaments

Noon Tournament

This tournament is always a qualifying tournament for a bigger tournament at a later date.

No points are required to qualify for the Noon Tournaments. However, if you play regular sessions and earn points, you can use those to increase your starting chip stack.

You will start with 4000 in chips.

Additionally, if you have the following, you will get extra chips. There is no maximum starting stack.

Extra Chips

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